Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello Second Trimester

Today marks my first day of my second trimester! I think I'm getting closer and closer to feeling like myself again! I still have moments of nausea but now I can tell myself it will pass. HALLELUJAH!! I don't feel like there has been alot of change yet, but one thing that has changed that has been hard to get used to is that I can't really sleep on my stomach anymore. Somehow every night I end up on my stomach and then I wake up with sore abs.....so sad...I'm a stomach sleeper. Other than that, there's not too much going on. Here are my last 2 pictures from 12 and 14 weeks. There's a bit of a shadow on the wall so it makes it seem like I'm a little bigger...just keep that in mind.
12 weeks
14 weeks

Monday, September 13, 2010

Baby Bumps or Lovely Lady Lumps?

Well we are pregnant! I am nearing the end of the first trimester and hoping to get into that honeymoon stage of pregnancy. Fingers crossed, but I'm hoping the sick subsides VERY soon. That has been extremely hard to get through, but when things get really bad, Daniel plays me the video of our little nuggets heartbeat, and that sweet sound seems to take the edge off a bit. ;)
We have gotten to see the heartbeat once at 6 weeks, and hear it at 8 weeks. It's pretty cute, I'm not gonna lie. :) Anyway, now that I have something fun to blog about, this will get updated much more often. Here are some pictures of the growing baby and momma. I have to say I'm a little surprised to show so soon (really it just kinda started in the last few days) and I promise I'm not pushing it out.
8 weeks 9 weeks11 weeks

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It has certainly been a while since I blogged. My mom called me the other day and said, "on April 28th you blogged that you would promised to be back soon". Can you believe my own mother would call me out on such a thing?! :)
Well things have been pretty busy since April 28th. We moved, I've been to LOTS of births, I've traveled and seen family and had them travel to see me, I repelled in the Palo Duro canyon, kept a couple of very cute kids for a few days, I've gotten a tan, lost a tan, gone blonde, seen college girlfriends for some fun at the lake, and the list goes on and on. It has been eventful so I suppose I just never felt that the time was right to blog about it all. Next thing I know, 3 months have pile up. One thing that kept me away was that the day we closed on our house and begin to move in, I took a positive pregnancy test. A couple of weeks later I had a miscarriage. I wanted to blog about all the fun things I had been up to, but that seemed like so much a part of my life that I felt like I could just appear on my blog as if everything was all peachy. So when I felt the time was right, I wrote a huge blog about my experience and how it was to grieve a pregnancy. Then I went back and for forth for the last month on whether or not to post it. I won't post it because I don't think I'm ready to share that much, but I did feel that I needed to mention it in all the events because it is now a part of who I am and what has been going on with our little family. I will just say that God has been present and protected our hearts through it all and we have felt so much love from our friends and family around us. Thanks for the prayers!
So, our new house.....we are mostly moved in and settled, but there are always those last few boxes that we're not quite sure what to do with them. Oh well. When we moved in the dining room was an obnoxious candy apple red. It is now a lovely light grey, almost white color. I'm going for a calming neutral space. As soon as we find our cable to the camera, I will try to post before and after pictures of the house. I LOVE the house. We have a heavily wooded creek behind us so the critters are ever prestent. A couple of nights ago I felt my hair tickling my arm and kept trying to brush it off. After a couple of minutes of that I thought maybe it wasn't a hair after all, so Daniel turned on the light and low and behold a spider had been crawling up and down my arm. I haven't slept the same since!!!
In other news, yesterday was Daniel's 26th birthday. He spent the day working and the night at our neighborhood crime watch training. Yes folks 26 going on 80. Just kidding. He can protect me anytime!!!
I really just need to get the camera cable found so I can have a fun post of all pictures. Heaven knows this is long winded and nobody is probably even reading anymore. If you are, you are a trooper! I will be more regular about blogging now!!! I PROMISE MOM!
Well that's all my tiny fingers feel like typing for now, so I'll be back soon with more super interesting things. :)
Happy Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our New Home-Sneak Peek!!!

The front! The back!
Very very soon I will have a much longer post, with updates of our lives from the last few months. I started posting back in November about our "adventure" and God has taken us through more than we ever dreamed or imagined. He is so faithful through good and bad. What an awesome God we serve! Can i get an amen?!?!
Be back soon I promise!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Photography Workshop!!!!!!!!!

My friend Taylor is offering a photography for beginners class in June! She is a very talented photographer, and if you are looking to improve some of your photography skills, you cannot go wrong with her as your instructor! You can see more about it or contact Taylor through her blog:
Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Move #2 in the Daniel & Tiffany Nomad Adventure

So after 3 months of Josh & Suzie's hospitality, we have decided to give them some space and privacy. We have had SO much fun with them. Really. There really weren't many dull or boring moments with that combination of people. Trust me. So here is a little "Ode to Josh & Suzie".
You took us in for the last week of the month and even threw us a welcome party and bought me flowers! Y'all rock!
We had family decorating night and made the house look beautifully festive!
We threw the Christmas party for our class at church! What a fun murder mystery night!
The guys got the girls hooked on Call of Duty
We celebrated Christmas!
We rang in 2010 together and then slept alot the next day.
We did some other things that I can't remember. We did make alot of fires and watch TV
We went to the gym once.
We celebrated my 27th birthday together!
Y'all helped nurse me back to health after getting my wisdom teeth out
Bathroom project-hope you like your new bathroom. We'll come hang that mirror one of these days!

Now we are at John and Bobbi's house for a couple/few weeks. I'm sure I will be blogging about that new part of our adventure soon. So far, we've only gone grocery shopping together.

Friends-Sappy post

I have great friends. I'll just start by saying that. Seriously, I am so amazed at the people that God has placed in my life over the span of 27 years. Sure there have been a few duds (let's skip over those), but for the most part, WOW. There are friends that have been friends since we were kids (or high school age-that's a kid right?), friends I met in college. Oh boy. College friends. They have loved me through some tough times. They have held me when I cried, and laughed with me until we peed a little. They have driven great distances to be with me when my dad (who I've been missing terribly lately)was sick or for his funeral. Man I can never repay them for that. AMAZING!
Then there are my friends that I have made after moving to Dallas. Oh goodness, these girls are equally special to me, just in the short time I've known them. I never thought I could be so blessed to have so many people that I could be so honest with and love and be loved no matter what.
I'm not sure why all of this has recently popped up in my mind. But it has, and I just wanted to write about them a little. Maybe it's because 2 of them have asked me to be present at the birth of their first child, or because I'm getting older and realizing this stuff. I don't know. But they are all very special to me.
So girls, if you are reading this know that I love you so much and thank about and pray often for y'all!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Does God Even Give us Wisdom Teeth????

I think wisdom teeth are a sick joke. When you have them, they rarely bother you, except for the occasional jaw bite (which only hurts for a couple of minutes) or in my case, bone loss in the jaw...whatever. When you have them out, it seems like bone loss would have been the better route to go. It's awful....AWFUL. Now, I wouldn't say the pain is awful...many people think the pain in the worst part. Not me. The pain hasn't been unbearable. In fact, I haven't even had to take anything stronger than advil or extra strength tylenol. The horrible, awful part is working around these new holes in your head or several days. It is so frustrating. I hate feeling like any bite of food (even the liquid foods) or any drink of anything I have is going to cause dry sockets or excessive bleeding, etc. I know I'm a HUGE weiner and probably no one feels sorry for me. That's OK. I just have to vent. Don't ask why I would voluntarily post these pictures for people to see, but I already, unknowingly posted one to facebook so I might as well just put them out there. This is what you have to look forward to when you get your wisdom teeth out people!

My personal favorite. SO HOT!

I have no recolection of taking these AT ALL! However, Daniel said the first thing I did when I got in the car was go for my phone, take pictures, and post one to facebook. Does that mean I have addiction if I'm doing these sorts of things while in an altered state of mind? Hmmmm...Hopefully it will get better soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Blog for Doula stuff only

In an effort to keep personal things personal, and Doula stuff separate, I have created a blog specifically for updates on how the new adventure is going. I will probably put the funny stuff on this one to try and keep the other one a little more professional! But you know me, gotta have some funny!

If you want to see the other blog check it out at www.doulable.blogspot.com

This week is almost over! YAY! Except I'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow...BOOOO!
It'll probably be a low key kinda weekend full of soft foods and vicoden! Things are looking up already! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me DOULA Oblongada

Pretty much, for the last few weeks, my life has been completely and utterly full of learing to become a Doula. I am so excited about where this is going.
All of that to say this...if you are looking for a good video to watch on natural childbirth, I might NOT go with "Gentle Birth Choices". The book is wonderful and I have learned alot from it. The video....oh, the video. It was comical. That's about all I can give it. My friend and I just sat and watched it and laughed.
It made people that choose natural, home, and/or water births look like complete weirdo wack jobs....and this was a video ADVOCATING those things. I think they need to make one using people like my friend Allison, or my sister, Mary. These two girls are gorgeous, well "groomed" and normal people. And my biggest plus for them is that they shave their armpits....yes that's right, one of the girls didn't even shave her armpits.....YUCK!!!!!
Anyway, I didn't want anyone to endure the 60 minutes of armpit hair, early 90's molestor glasses, shoulder pads, and beat poets, that me and B did!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Sisters

What better way to celebrate my 100th blog post with a beautiful picture that shows how much a big sister, loves a little sister. This picture is probably my favorite picture from the entire weekend. It was early in the morning, while everything was still quiet. I love how the light hits Kathryn, and how the colors make it look like this could have been a scene straight from the 60's...very vintage....I love it!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a little presh presh

All I can say, is I can't wait to get slobbery, little kisses from this cutie....I mean Laurel, not my mom! ;)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Long Time, No Bloggy

Yes, yes, I realize it's been over a month since I blogged. I have just lost all motivation to be a part of the blogging world. I'm not sure if it's because so much has been going on, or what, but it's been neglected and I've been 100% fine with it.

However, I've got something really fun planned for the month of February. I'll give you a hint and you can try to guess. (actually, my guess is that the only people that read this blog, I have already told so this might be anticlimactic). Either way, here goes:

~I'll be living the ranch life for a few weeks, with my very happy husband, without leaving the comfort of {our} home.~

I use the {} because we are still acting nomads, so who knows where we'll be by then....but it won't be a ranch.......
Happy Guessing!

And last, but not least....I am an aunt for the 10th time!!!!!

Laurel Hope McNeil made her entrance last night at 5:43pm. She weighs 7 lbs and some oz (I can't remember :)) and has a head full of beautiful hair. I hear she's a beautiful little sweetheart and if these kids are any indication, my sources aren't lying.....