Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures/My friend Taylor is AMAZING!

That's right! Taylor got a shout out in the title!

I wanted to make sure that it was clear my blog isn't turning into a birthday tribute to children!

This last Friday night Taylor did a photo shoot with me and Daniel. It was so much fun. Partly because it just was, and partly because Taylor is so fun to be around. Anyway, I didn't know if she would really like me copy and pasting her pictures on my blog, so I'll just put a link to her blog.


There are some more on facebook too, but you get the point. She is so talented!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Landon

Happy Birthday Landon! You are such an amazingly energetic little guy! Although, you're getting ot not be so little! You are such a precious guy and I am so honored to be your Aunt! You have a wonderful personality and are such a little leader in the making. We love you so much!
Uncle Daniel & Aunt Tiff
How could I not post this one?! It pretty much sums up this little firecracker that is so full of personality and hilarity (is that a word?)!!He is following in his big brothers footsteps in his love for UT

Best cousins! Can't you just see their little brain cells dying from all the video games?

The kid behind him, in the green, is the top runner in the state in his age range and Landon was beating him! In the end he was a close second, but he did an AMAZING job! (PS he ran that mile in under 6 1/2 minutes......just to give you some perspective)
I love this dude to pieces!

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Day Late and Dollar Short

Yesterday was my Jakson's 12th Birthday! I'm a little late (I'm really late on getting his sister whose birthday was June 20th!! EEK)

Happy Birthday Jakson! You are getting so old and grown up! I'm so proud of what an amazing nephew, son, big brother and young man you are! I love you to pieces little dude!

He loves UT

What a cutie!

Giving a good ole back scratch....they look so happy! haha

Jakson beating a girl in the Abilene Turkey Trot

Sorry dude, I just thought this was too funny!

Being a good big brother!

Another one that was too funny to pass up! Are you hot??

Jakson and his daddy's heads watching a baseball game

We love you so much Jakson,

Uncle Daniel & Aunt Tiff