Wednesday, December 17, 2008

“10 Things Science Says will Make You Happy.”

Read the original article here: “10 Things Science Says will Make You Happy.”

The list, paraphrased, is:

  1. Stop and enjoy the present. (matthew 6.34)
  2. Don’t compare yourself to the Joneses. (exodus 20.17)
  3. Don’t obsess over money. (1 tim 6.10)
  4. Aspire to leave an imprint. (john 10.10)
  5. Be intrinsically motivated on the job. (colossians 3.23,24)
  6. Build a supportive network of family and friends (hebrews 10.24,25; e.g. early church)
  7. Act optimistic even if you have to fake it. (romans 12.12)
  8. Gratitude, baby, gratitude. (1 thessalonians 5.18)
  9. Exercise is all good. (1 corinthians 6.19)
  10. Givers gain. (acts 20.35)

Monday, December 15, 2008

My first half marathon!

Well I made it! After 3 months of training, I finally crossed the finish line! It was the most bittersweet moment I've ever had. I was so emotional about finishing so I was trying not to look like the crazy lady out there. I was so happy and proud to cross the finish line, but my body was in so much pain, I wasn't comfortable standing, walking, sitting, laying, etc.....Everything hurt! But it was over and I got to go home and eat roast that I had put on the night before and take a nap under my new snuggly blanket! The pain is still in effect today, but I'm adjusting to it I guess as I don't notice it as much. I think next time I do a half or especially if I do the full, I will take the next day off work. It has been so hard to be alert and moving around today. I want to still be in bed eating and watching movies! My sister-in-law, Whitney, and I are trying to convince Scott and Daniel to train for a half and we'll all run it together. I think that would be really awesome, but feel like I haven't been a very good example to him of what it's like! haha
Well enough yapping, here are some pictures of the day!
Ready to go!!
When I still had knees
A little sleepy, but ready to go!
Starting to get a little nervous
Action shot at mile 13 just .1 more to go!!
Haha do you see me? I got really excited when I saw Daniel!!!
So tired and so glad I'm done running for the day!
Don't worry I had walked around a little and stretched before I let myself crash against a wall
Feelin' the runner's high with my medal!
Runner's got free leg massages after their race! It was obviously my favorite part!

My other favorite part of the day was the cake that Daniel let me buy from Corner Bakery for a job well done. I don't have a picture of it, but believe me, it was AWESOME!!!!
So long story short, I've done one....taking a break.....start back up in 2009 for my next one!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

This is best blanket I've snuggled in, in a while! Daniel let me buy one Monday night at Restoration Hardware if I promised to not use it until after Christmas. I'm hoping that I can act pitiful enough Sunday after the half marathon, that he will let me come home and snuggle up under it! Anyway, you should look into getting one! They're amazing!

We've pretty much finished up all of our Christmas shopping and I even have our tree full of presents! We are having a progressive dinner with a couple of our friends tomorrow night and by then the house will be completely decorated inside and out. I will take more pictures then, but this is all I have of our tree thus far.

It's cold here and now feels like Christmas. I think it is going to be short lived though. Sunday it needs to be warm and then after that I don't care!!!! I love this time of year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Belated Gobble Gobble

Oh what fun the Holiday's are with family. Thanksgiving just made me that much more anxious for Christmas to get here!! I had so much fun with my family....all the running, eating, footballing, visiting, laughing....well you get the point. We left for Abilene Wednesday night after work. Ugh traffic was awful. But we finally made it there safe and sound. Thursday morning Thomas, Jenn, Jakson, Landon, Shae and me went and ran in the Turkey trot.

Here is my pre race action shot. Mom looks excited!

Who says you can't find beauty in Abilene. What a great view first thing in the morning!

Look at those trees! God's creation is amazing!!!

Thomas finished in 18 minutes! That was like a leisurely stroll for him

I finished in 27 minutes. I realized after the race I was so slow because of that sweatshirt....and the horrible allergy attack that ravaged my head about 10 seconds after crossing the finish line.

The Thomas Talley's pre race pose

All of the runner's after our races!

That afternoon Mom, Daniel and I drove out to Winter's for the Bahlman family reunion. It has been on Thanksgiving Day for something like 30 years. We eat Bar-B-Q.....for Thanksgiving dinner. At least it is good.....actually the best I've ever eaten. We had a good time visiting with family and singing till we could no longer make noise.

Me and Granny

Granny, Aunt Pat, Mom, Aunt Doris and Me

Daniel enjoyed the many photo ops that the trip to Winters presented. The next few picture are pretty common sights that I grew up around.

My mom spent most of her growing up years in fields like this picking cotton. We just had to stop and capture the view!

Me and Mom putting up the Christmas tree on Friday night

Right before the picture took Daniel told me to look surprised. What do you think? Mission accomplished?

Ah, West Texas sunsets!
And now for the biggest news yet. Saturday I ran 10 miles in 1 hour and 28 minutes! I was so excited. I now feel like I can confidently tackle the half marathon that is now less than 2 weeks away!! After I finished my run that morning, we went and watched the ACU football game. They suffered their first loss and it was freezing cold, but I'm glad we went. It felt good to be there.
Last night Daniel and I decorated our house, so you can be sure there will be pictures up soon of our night o fun!!