Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I fell in love 7 times last night

Just a disclaimer: If you are not that into music this blog will bore you extensively.....
Please do not get the wrong idea about my title. You all know and Daniel knows he is my one and only (cheese please), but musically I really did fall in love 7 times last night. We went to see Iron & Wine and The Swell Season at the Palladium Ballroom last night. In total I saw 8 musicians and only fell in love 7 times....why you might ask? Well one of them I had seen in concert before so I already had high expectations of him. (Sam from Iron & Wine).
So back to the first time I fell in love.....Sam played an acoustic set with just himself on guitar and this guy Rob. Now Rob is the man, just so you know. I haven't seen someone with his abilities.....maybe ever. Not only did he play to perfection on the piano, acordian, and slide guitar, he played to perfection all of them simultaneously, all the while watching Sam intently to make sure everything was in perfect sync. It was amazing to watch. It made me wish I was like Sylar from Heroes and could steal peoples powers from them! (I think I'm teetering on the edge of fan to creeper)
Moving on to the second and third round. Just when I think Rob can't be topped in musicality (which is still questionable), Glen and Marketa took to the stage. Glen being the energetic and charasmatic performer that he is had me from the first note. And Marketa, oh my word, is the cutest thing I've ever seen. So of course they were amazing.
Then the rest of their band joined and each one seemed to just keep adding something incredible to the music. There was no pretentiousness anywhere on that stage. It was a group of 6 phenominal musicians having a blast together, doing what they love. They even had fun with the audience, which is rare. By the end of the night I didn't care (well I did a little) that my legs and back hurt so bad from standing, because their performances blew me away.
I would post a video but the sound on my phone is just awful so I'll see what else I can find. Just in case you don't know who they are at all, I will post a video, but it is not from the concert.

I went to bed happy last night!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why do I have to find a new title everytime I want to make a new Blog Post

There are several things I want to put in my blog today so it's what you might call "hodgepodge"!

First let me start out by telling you about two somewhat connected stories. This past weekend was our 25th Anniversary Party for our Company. It was great! Daniel was in charge of the whole thing, so needless to say he's been scarce for the last couple of weeks. Well at the last minute our boss surprised him with a weekend away at the resort where the party was held. Seeing as how the party was at the Gaylord Texan, we were very very thrilled! It really was like a second honeymoon except we had to work a little. If you have never been to the Gaylord, it is GORGEOUS! When they took us up to our room our bell boy opened the door and said "welcome to your executive suite Mr. & Mrs. Fleming". I knew right then I was way out of my league. So the room was gorgeous....well technically it was 3 separate rooms....and they were all gorgeous.

Me in the bedroom part of the suite. It had cute little French Doors!!

a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_HavGSkU4oDg/SNq00cWeN0I/AAAAAAAAADI/PKC2wbUfkmU/s1600-h/Gaylord.jpg">
The Dining Room section of the suite. It had French Doors that went out to a balcony that overlooked a replica of the San Antonio Riverwalk!!

On Saturday night we had our big celebration! Daniel did a really great job with the whole thing. I'm so proud of him!!

The Gaylord Hotel

The Gaylord Hotel

Me and Randy White

This leads me in to my next bit. Taking off the weekend when training for a marathon=pain. Monday and yesterday hurt so bad!! Even with my new, fancy shoes!! I finished my run each time but it just hurt a little more. Today I'm going to do body pump for some strength training. My legs get tired way before the rest of me so I'm gonna build those little suckers up! Plus, the gym membership that we paid for that ripped us off is over by Tyler and Susan's where we have small group on Wednesday's. Soooo it all worked out!

And last but not least....I saw this on the news last night and thought it was great!

If I had a dollar for everytime a banana chased a monkey and they BOTH go to jail......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Shoes

Last night I came to the realization that I'm going to have to buy new running shoes. Mine are ok for short distances on a treadmill, but when it comes to long hard (that's what she said :)) running, I need something better! I did pretty well last night. I really only felt like puking for about 5 minutes after my run instead of an hour! I also ran longer with a better time. At this point though I don't think I should be as concerned about time as just not dying!! I met these people on the trail who were walking....downhill as I was running....uphill. They sarcastically said "so what's it like" and I thought I might be incarcerted by the end of the night on battery charges. HA! No I really love this though. I feel so good about myself after my run! We'll see how new shoes help!

On another note my in-laws have spent the last two days with us and it has just been wonderful having them. They were here because they lost all power for several days because of Hurricane Ike. (They live in Houston) So even though it wasn't under great circumstances, it was a nice visit. She would probably kill me if she new I was about to tell this story, but I have to. We watched Baby Mama last night (very funny BTW) and in the end where Angie is in labor and saying what it feels like to be in labor, Karen started laughing so hard she was crying. I've never seen anything like it and of course it got the rest of tickled so we all just sat around laughing (more at Karen than at the movie). Seriously though, it was great and I was sad to see them leave to go back home! Come back soon Fleming's!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Marathoner

I've started training for a marathon! Well technically right now I'm only training for a half marathon but then the marathon will be next. You may be asking yourself "why would anyone ever want to run a marathon?" It all started with feelings of anxiety. Lately I have been feeling anxious and just overall crazy. So I thought what better way to whip myself into shape than to start intense training and cutting bad food out of my diet. I got completely mentally prepared before I started all of it, because I commited to myself that I would not quit after it got hard. So to make sure I could really commit to it, I prayed about it and asked for the strength to do it. Well it turns out even when you are mentally prepared, it still hurts! I really am getting the runner's high though so it really and truly makes the shaky legs, burning lungs, and runny nose worth it.

I say all of this because I would really like to blog my marathoning experience. I don't know that anyone really even cares, but I think at the very least people that read this might hold me accountable. You know, ask me if I ran my full 15 miles this week, etc.... (i've got 10 more miles for the week, but it is only Tuesday)

So far all I can really write about the experience is that it still hurts and I've got my work cut out for me! But boy howdy when I can cross that finish line several months from now and say "I just ran 26 miles!!!" It'll feel soooo good!!!

Oh and I found the best place to run. It kind of stinks because a lot of it is uphill but it's gorgeous. It is the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and it really is a great place to run or ride your bike, etc....It's my happy place!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Charles Gibson is an idiot

There I said it. I usually try to refrain from using harsh terminology against people I don't know. You know I try to think of them as "someone's dad, or grandpa" and I would never want anyone talking like that about my family. However, as I watched his interview with Sarah Palin this morning my blood really started to boil. I could not believe how irritated he looked he sounded as he asked her questions and awaited her responses. If you didn't get a chance to see it you can check out a very small portion below.....

I think if I were him I would try to be a little less obvious with my personal feelings about who I was interviewing and tried to be professional. He sounds annoyed, he is condescending, he looks at his watch while she is talking, etc. I think he just looked like a jerk and she held her own!
Palin 1
Liberal Media 0

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last week as you know was the Republican National Convention. Some of it I watched, some I didn't. I wouldn't say that up until this point I was on the fence about who to vote for. To be real honest I didn't really care too much for either Presidential candidate. Until Thursday night. As I sat on my bed watching John McCain's speech, I became more and more moved by what he was saying. By the end of the speech I was balling, standing on top of my bed saluting, and very proudly saying "nobody better mess with our country!"