Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Fun with Family

I had the pleasure to have a road trip with my mom this past weekend to Rogers, AR to spend Memorial Day weekend with my sister and her family. First of all, it has been forever since my mom and I road tripped! It was such a blast and I'm not kidding, we talked and giggled so much, we were hoarse by the time we got to Mary's. It was a great time! Saturday when went to Eureka Springs and Blue Springs Gardens. It was so pretty! You'll see why they call it Blue Springs in my pictures. It was beautiful and I had such a wonderful time with family. (Daniel was at a golf retreat with some High School/College buddies) After a very eventful Saturday, Sunday we went for the low key approach. We went to church, had brunch on the back porch and then made our way out to the front porch to enjoy the beautiful day and watch the kids play! They are so sweet and fun to watch. I hope mine and Daniel's kids are half as sweet as Kathryn and Ethan. Enough with the chatter, here are some pictures!

We're all so photogenic-Picnic at Blue SpringsSweet little Kathryn! I will never get enough of these hugs!And this is why it's called Blue Springs. It was so pretty! Kathryn and Ethan
Mom, Me, Kathryn, and Mary in the gardensMom found this big stick in the gardens and picked it up and started acting like Moses. Who would have thought at this age, that your parents would still embarrass you?! jk I think she's cuteLittle cutie at BrunchTodd & Mary at brunchThe other little cutie, at Brunch! I love watching little kids sleep. I think it is so precious! I guess we tuckered him completely out and he fell asleep on the front porch.
So did Mom!

We are now back home safely and almost rested from our big weekend! I am already looking forward to the next time we are together!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack! I hope you don't have a terrible case of the terrible two's! Uncle Daniel and I hope you have a wonderful birthday and we love you soooooo much! (You're so cute you're the one that gave me baby fever!)
I love you little man!
Uncle Daniel and Aunt Tiff

This is Jack! He's 2 years old today and the baby of 4 children. Yes, my sister has 4 children....a small army, some might say!

This is Jack all bundled up in the chilliness of Ireland

This is the Christmas I fell in love and decided that I wanted to be a mommy with all my heart! Look at how presh he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eating out in Ireland

Oh my word, I could eat those cheeks for breakfast!

Before a big day of sightseeing in Kinsale, IR

After a big day of sightseeing in Kinsale, IR

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Adventures of Hans Peter van Aarkel

Meet Hans Peter van Aarkel. We bought him in the Target dollar alley before our trip. We figured we needed something little, fat, and cute to take pictures with on our trip, and since we don't have a baby......TADA.....enter HPVA. Granted, I wouldn't shove my baby in the bottom of a completely overloaded purse, like I did this little guy, but he was a good ice breaker none the less. This is him on our kitchen counter before departing for Europe

What's that you say HPVA? You're excited about the trip? Me too little buddy! (Why is everything in blue and underlined?? Oh the mysteries of blogger)

Hans Peter was very hungry when we got there and he really wanted to try something we went to Burger King....and he stood on his burger

Here he is with some lovely Dutch "art"

It was quite a bit chillier in The Netherlands than it was in Dallas, so after a long while walking and seeing everything another country had to offer, HPVA decided he needed some warmth and a pick me up. So he ordered a very manly cappaccinoBoy did he get us some looks in Keukenhof! Here he is after escaping my purse and climbing a tree.

Don't even get me started on this one....the little stinker almost got us kicked out! Can you see him? He's on the toe of the clog

Sideways and I'm not sure why.

Here he is at the Arc de Triumph.....I bet that's what Napoleon looked like in front of it too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last Thursday=Paris ; Today=Work at a desk

Exactly one week ago today I was making this face...Because I was entering this Country...And driving by this caberet....And going to see this.....
And this.....
There are so many stories and memories from this trip that it's hard to narrow down what parts I want to blog about. So this is the first of many postings you will see.