Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some people......

So there is this guy that I work with. He's around 50...ish and single. Over the past year or so he has dropped probably close to 20 pounds. So he goes to the doctor and his doctor tells him he has a horrible diet and needs to start eating healthier and more regularly. Well, this guy pretty much can't take care of himself at all, so I volunteered to help him with some meals. (He said he'd pay me a monthly stipend for buying his food) So it all started out healthy and wonderful, except for his incessant complaining about how the food was not greasy enough. So after a couple of weeks of complaining and me seeing no money, I stopped bothering. Then this morning as I walked by his office he says to me "Hey Tiffany I brought you breakfast this morning, just like you've been taking care of me". (which was nothing)
Is it just me or is that incredibly rude?!
I will refrain from saying what it is that I'm really thinking!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So this past weekend was such a wonderful time! Saturday was Daniel's birthday so he work up and went golfing with one of his buddies from church. While they were out, I went and picked up my mom and we went and bought Daniel ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to get it all set up in the living room, ready to play, when he got home from golfing! After getting it set up I called him like 20 times to see when he was coming home and then I stood by the door and waiting for him for about 15 minutes. The look on his face was so worth it!!!!!!!! Needless to say we've been really busy rock banding!
Saturday night we ate at Steve Fields' Steak and Lobster Lounge in Plano. Oh my goodness it was so delicious! We were all kinds of full when we left! So all in all it was a great fun weekend!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Well after an exhausting July 4th weekend at the farm, I am just now regaining the energy to type! We had just a fabulous time with old friends and made some new ones! We did alot of four wheeling, repelling, hog shooting, rock banding, water ballooning, and over all good timing!

Since then, it has been hard to catch up on sleep. Tuesday night we went to a Ranger's game that ran long due to an hour rain delay. Wednesday night we good timed it when Scot & Taylor after small groups (QT's summer of love) and last night we had a 9:45 softball game with our church league. It was our first loss and it was devastating! I personally contributed nothing to the game, but hopefully things will get better for next week! I am competetive but I mostly just really enjoy being out there with everyone!

My mom is flying in this afternoon from her two week vacation in Ireland. I am really looking foward to hearing all about it!

Tomorrow is Daniel's birthday and I've got something really awesome planned so stay tuned for details and pictures!

To anyone who reads this today.....HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!