Monday, June 22, 2009

Catch Up

Boy have I been a blogging slacker! Work has been so crazy that I just haven't had the time or energy to come up with anything. So since my last post the Prestoncrest "Honeymooners" kick ball team got second place in the league! We had so much fun and we are so proud of our trophy! Oh yeah we got a trophy baby!

In more recent news, my sister and her family drove down from Indiana, on their way to Abilene, and spent the weekend with us! We had soooo much fun! I love her kids and her and my brother-in-law too (don't want to leave him out). Holly and I spent all day Saturday shopping for her some new sassy clothes for her 20th high school reunion. We found some majorly fun stuff and she's gonna be a 10! Her kids spent all day Saturday in the pool and if you know them, you know that they have fair skin and red hair. They were sunburned into oblivion, even after the sunscreen (spf 50 btw) that we applied. Poor babies were begging me to put aloe vera on them all night!

Another random story. This morning on my way to work I was listening to 98.7 KLUV and they were talking about this a cappella group from Slovenia who sang "Africa" by Toto and after they played the clip the hosts started talking about how they wish ACU Sing Song was more like that. WHAT?!?!?! You mean people actually know what that is? Then I started daydreaming about them saying that the most incredible Sing Song act of all time was this scrawny little girl that sang "One". Yeah right....I woke up from my daydream and was running a red light...whoops! Anyway I thought that was fun.

Last but not least, I wanted to honor my dad for Father's Day. I know it's the day after but I was timid about doing anything around that, because some people find it uncomfortable to talk about that. I don't. I love to talk about my dad and I find it very healing when good friends listen to me talk about him! So please don't find this a "downer" subject. Everything I write is with pure joy! I've had a hard time with Father's Day the last couple years and found myself getting jealous of people around me that celebrated it. I'd be lying if I said I didn't do that a little bit yesterday. However, wallowing in self pity is no fun, and seeing as how I had an AMAZING dad, I think I should still honor and celebrate him on that day ( i just get out cheaper because there is no gift! HAHA) I will say, though, that I'd be hard pressed to find someone anything remotely like my dad. He was funny, energetic, caring, loving, selfless and above all Godly. Growing up I remember how EVERYTHING in our house revolved around a biblical lesson and it drove me nuts for some reason. Now I cherish that because it molded my life before I even knew it was happening. At the time I may have let it go in one ear and out the other, but I remember that stuff now and hope to pass that on to my kids. There are alot of things I learned from my dad that I want to pass on to my kids and alot of daughters don't get to say that! One of the things that I loved most was how he said God is good ALL the time. Not just when you are getting your way. The example that he set in good times and in hard times is something that has gotten me through a lot and is probably the reason that I found a closer relationship with Christ after he passed away, instead of turning away from Him. I could probably go on and on, but then I wouldn't get anything else done all day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day even if your Dad is no longer with you. It's nice just to remember them and honor them for the great people they were!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Feel Like a Kid Again

I have some sort of growth on my eyeball. Yes, you heard correctly, a growth. Yuck! Apparently my contacts irritated it to the point of infection without me ever even knowing it was there! I noticed last night when we got home from our kickball double header (which we rocked by the way! in yo face!!) I noticed my eye felt kinda heavy so I was just staring at myself and noticed this weird thing in my eye. Daniel forced me to make an emergency appointment with the eye doctor and ouila....a growth. So for the next 14 days, I will be in my glasses (which explains the title of this post), using antibiotics and steroids, and cataract sunglasses! YAY!!