Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall stands for Fun & Family

This past weekend we went to Arkansas to visit Todd & Mary and the kids and we had so much fun just chillin'! Saturday morning we went to watch Ethan's last football game of the season. He is so awesome! He's really gonna be great the older he gets! (I'm pretty sure he was the best one out there)Kathryn and I got a little chilly in the brisk morning air, so we snuggled under some blankets!Daniel got some "formal" pictures of E all suited up in his uniform. I love this kid sooo much! Then Kathryn and I had a little shoot of our own on the streets of Eureka Springs, AR. Don't worry, those streets are full of freaks, so we just blended right in. Also, she wanted to match so that explains that.After a fun filled day at Eureka Springs, we drove to the "Big Jesus" statue out where they have the passion play. There is a big hill there and the kids entertained themselves for close to an hour. As you will see, so did the adults.....
Nice rolling sequence of EDizzy EyesMy sweet little KathrynAnd now for our fun. This one is by far the tamest of them all. I think "blue steel" was even busted out at some point.Me and my boo. Man I love this guyDaniel took some maternity pictures of Mary. They were very informal so I'm really impressed with how they turned out. I think they are beautiful and I really can't wait to meet the little person inside that belly! It kept kicking me in the hand at church on Sunday. I can't imagine how amazing it will be when it's my baby kicking me.
GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!Three very loving hands, love on little baby in tummy or as we named it this weekend, Crazy Horse. Don't ask

Monday, October 26, 2009

Arkansas Weekend

This is what I've been looking at for the last couple of days! How amazingly beautiful!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I have become a terrible blogger.......

That is all.

Oh and we're putting our house on the market, if you know anyone that wants to buy a house.