Monday, October 27, 2008

Just so the title of the last post isn't the first thing you see!

I had a great weekend with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. All the guys went to the panhandle to hike/camp so the girls came and stayed with me. We really did have so much fun and we laughed so hard. At one point I had laughed so hard that I couldn't breathe and this slipped out...."phew I need a cigarette". Karen (mother-in-law) proceeded to laugh even harder. I then assured her that I don't smoke. Daniel took our camera so I don't have any fun pictures to post of our time together. I did get a new beadspread. After Daniel was sick I was so concerned about the germs on the bedspread but it was a dry clean only. Then I found a gorgeous quilt that was the same price as having my existing one dry cleaned. So I bought it!

I think these blogs are starting to sound more like "Dear Diary"

I have to run again today after taking a few off and it's probably going to hurt. Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stomach Flu

It runs (pun intended....sorry for being gross) rampant in our house right now! Please pray that I don't contract this virus as I will have a house full of company Thursday-Sunday. I would really put a kink in everyone's plans! Plus it would really put a kink in my training! Yikes....needless to say I've been staying in the guest room since Sunday with my can of Lysol! Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy Tuesday!

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Fun Filled Weekend

Captain's log:
Friday night: Very strange

Saturday morning: Did not make it 7 miles.
The blame is three fold
1. Try to run 7 miles on 0 caloric intake
2. I had 3 pounds of water attached to my back (camelback)
3. I had nightmares all night about the run.
Seriously I did. I dreamt (?) that I was running it with my sister Mary and she was really fast but I literally went faster running on my hands. (I don't know it was a weird dream)

Saturday afternoon: Went fabric shopping with Taylor & Susan. It was fun. We got fabric to make stockings for Christmas!

Saturday night: Ryan Adams
Quite possibly the greatest show I've ever seen him play. It was fantastic, he was fantastic, the cardinals were fantastic, everything was fantastic! Except the guys sitting in front of us. Talk about huge dorks. You won't find bigger one's. Everytime the band would start playing they would play air drums with it, cheers their beers, and then proceed on to give each other high fives.

Sunday: Picnic with friends.
We picked up some goodies at Whole Foods and had a picnic with Scot & Taylor. These pictures are the result!

Brother/Sister High School Senior Photo Shoot

My idea of a Sunday afternoon post picnic bicycle ride!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We got a new camera this weekend! It is beautiful! Actually the pictures that Daniel takes with it are beautiful. He has really been wanting one for a long time as photography is huge, but lost hobby of his. For two years we have been debating him using his film camera and making a dark room in our house, or buying a digital SLR. Well we went with the digital SLR (Nikon D80). He has been surprising me with flashes around every corner so it's been like papparazzi around our place. Last night, however, I did not appreciate it very much! ;) We went out to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (my favorite place to run) and he took some great pictures. Until mile 5 of my run when he caught sight of me from across a pasture. It was not pretty. Speaking of my run.....I became very aware of my left knee last night. Up to this point I have no pain when I was running, but last night it was definitely there. I'm pretty sure it was the steep incline that I ran, but man it still hurts today.

I feel like I started this entry with stories and fun information, but somehow throughout my typing, I lost it! Eh....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

All I do is run anymore

I did a 4 miler last night. It was still a little hard, but I found some ways to cope. I tried to imagine that is was as easy for me to run as it was to watch those marathon runners at the olympics. Granted they were on like mile 17 when I watched them, but they still made it look easy. I also found a steady breathing pattern that realllllly helped! I noticed when I broke away from it, I started feeling worse. Anyway I ran it in a little over 34 minutes (and it was technically like 3.8 miles). I'm glad I hit another goal, so on to the next one!