Monday, February 22, 2010

Why Does God Even Give us Wisdom Teeth????

I think wisdom teeth are a sick joke. When you have them, they rarely bother you, except for the occasional jaw bite (which only hurts for a couple of minutes) or in my case, bone loss in the jaw...whatever. When you have them out, it seems like bone loss would have been the better route to go. It's awful....AWFUL. Now, I wouldn't say the pain is awful...many people think the pain in the worst part. Not me. The pain hasn't been unbearable. In fact, I haven't even had to take anything stronger than advil or extra strength tylenol. The horrible, awful part is working around these new holes in your head or several days. It is so frustrating. I hate feeling like any bite of food (even the liquid foods) or any drink of anything I have is going to cause dry sockets or excessive bleeding, etc. I know I'm a HUGE weiner and probably no one feels sorry for me. That's OK. I just have to vent. Don't ask why I would voluntarily post these pictures for people to see, but I already, unknowingly posted one to facebook so I might as well just put them out there. This is what you have to look forward to when you get your wisdom teeth out people!

My personal favorite. SO HOT!

I have no recolection of taking these AT ALL! However, Daniel said the first thing I did when I got in the car was go for my phone, take pictures, and post one to facebook. Does that mean I have addiction if I'm doing these sorts of things while in an altered state of mind? Hmmmm...Hopefully it will get better soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Blog for Doula stuff only

In an effort to keep personal things personal, and Doula stuff separate, I have created a blog specifically for updates on how the new adventure is going. I will probably put the funny stuff on this one to try and keep the other one a little more professional! But you know me, gotta have some funny!

If you want to see the other blog check it out at

This week is almost over! YAY! Except I'm having my wisdom teeth out tomorrow...BOOOO!
It'll probably be a low key kinda weekend full of soft foods and vicoden! Things are looking up already! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me DOULA Oblongada

Pretty much, for the last few weeks, my life has been completely and utterly full of learing to become a Doula. I am so excited about where this is going.
All of that to say this...if you are looking for a good video to watch on natural childbirth, I might NOT go with "Gentle Birth Choices". The book is wonderful and I have learned alot from it. The video....oh, the video. It was comical. That's about all I can give it. My friend and I just sat and watched it and laughed.
It made people that choose natural, home, and/or water births look like complete weirdo wack jobs....and this was a video ADVOCATING those things. I think they need to make one using people like my friend Allison, or my sister, Mary. These two girls are gorgeous, well "groomed" and normal people. And my biggest plus for them is that they shave their armpits....yes that's right, one of the girls didn't even shave her armpits.....YUCK!!!!!
Anyway, I didn't want anyone to endure the 60 minutes of armpit hair, early 90's molestor glasses, shoulder pads, and beat poets, that me and B did!!